Nail Art is a creative way of decorating your nails.

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It is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs on your Fingernails and Toenails.

Nail Art started with the acrylic nails,because everybody wanted Fashionable Fake nails and slowly people decided to decorate those simple white fake nails and make it more cool and stylish.

Because the Nail Art on the Acrylic nails was getting to expensive , Nail Studious introduced the nail designing on your own real nails, Which made Nail Art much more affordable for people. Since then, nail art has become more creative and artistic.

Many trends have come about such as the addition of symbols and crystals, air brushing, acrylic and gel nail enhancements.

Nail art has become integrated into the world of fashion and is now sported as an accessory to any look and Just Last Year, Nail Art became a HUGE trend all around the world. Now its not only for fun or just to make your nails look cool but a big Fashion Statement everywhere you go.

Its good for specially those girls and women whose Nail growth is not that fast, so the nail art is a great help for them to stay stylish.The latest’s in nail fashion is Nail wraps such as the metallic nails range.

These wraps are pre-printed designs from a digital printer, allowing for difficult patterns and reflective metallic finishes that are not possible through traditional methods. They are applied with heat activation and allow for designs to be finished in a fraction of the time. Not only this but they protect nails from scratches and don’t chip like traditional products.

They last for over 1 month and truly are the latest breakthrough in nail art. Its amazing how Even Nails have their own place in Fashion Industry, Its crazy how fashion is at unreachable places now! I am sure you don’t be left behind so go and get your own new cool Nail Art Design!

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